Hunting Vision

Hunting Vision

Improve Your Hunting Vision at Kueber Eye Care

Hunting is a pastime that requires keen vision. Without it, you may not see the unsuspecting prey. Fortunately, you can visit our team at Kueber Eye Care in Park Rapids to improve your hunting vision before your next expedition.

Routine Eye Screening

When you come into our office for a hunting vision screening, our eye doctors will provide a comprehensive eye exam. Based on the results, we can determine if you require vision correction. If we find you need corrective eyewear, our practitioners will fit you with a pair of glasses or contact lenses. We can provide you with both if you'd like one for normal-day wear and the other for hunting.

By scheduling routine visits, especially before you hunt, you can be on the top of your game. You may be able to see deer and other critters further away than you ever have before with a routine eye screening. Plus, you're taking steps to keep your vision optimized.

Eye Health Testing

Our eye doctor will examine your eyes and conduct certain tests to look for eye-related issues that may affect your hunting vision. We can also test for underlying eye issues, such as glaucoma or cataracts, early on before symptoms set in. If our eye doctors find you have any problems, we can intervene and either correct the problem or slow its progression. This way, we can help preserve your vision, allowing you to continue hunting for years to come.

Prescription Sunglasses

Most patients prefer prescription sunglasses when hunting. Prescription sunglasses can protect your eyes from glare and allow you to see clearly while in the woods. Additionally, sunglasses can protect your eyes from dirt and debris.

Visit Us to Improve Your Hunting Vision in Park Rapids, MN

If you're an avid hunter and want to make sure poor vision doesn't interfere with your sport, contact Kueber Eye Care, serving Park Rapids and the neighboring communities, for an appointment. Call us at 218-732-8535 to schedule your next eye exam or to learn more about how we can help.