One of the most common eye conditions in older adults is cataracts. These can have a big impact on how well you see. Cataracts is a cloudy area in the lens of the eye. They are extremely common in older people, but they can also appear in younger people. When cataracts begin, they are very small, and it's easy to not see any evidence of them. However, cataracts get worse with time, and they eventually cause the vision to be blurry and dull the colors you see. Many people with cataracts have a tough time when performing everyday activities such as reading. For those who develop cataracts, getting surgery may be the only way to correct them.


To have them diagnosed and to keep an eye on your cataracts, get an eye exam every year. An eye doctor on our team will be able to tell you whether you have cataracts and how large they are. You can call us at our Park Rapids, MN, optometrist office to schedule an eye exam with an eye doctor. We at Kueber Eye Care are here to help.

Symptoms of Cataracts

Though you won't see any symptoms at first, eventually you may develop a lot of different symptoms of the condition. Be sure to notice whether you have any changes to your vision and whether you get any of the common symptoms of cataracts. Over time, you may start to notice cloudy or blurry vision. The colors that you see may start looking faded. You may get more sensitive to light and find that the sun and other lights appear to be too bright. You may find that you can't see very well at night, and lights may have a halo appear around them. Your vision prescription may also change quite a bit as your cataracts progress. 

Risk Factors for Cataracts

Getting older increases your risk of developing this condition, as does smoking and having diabetes. Having eye surgery in your past can also increase the risk. Obesity and high blood pressure can also make it more likely for you to develop cataracts.

Get Your Eye Exam Yearly

Your annual eye exam from the eye doctor is essential for getting diagnosed if you have cataracts. When it's time to see an optometrist, give us a call at (218) 732-8535 for our Park Rapids, MN, office to make your appointment. We at Kueber Eye Care are here to help.