LASIK Pre/Post Care

LASIK Pre/Post Care at Kueber Eye Care

At Kueber Eye Care, we offer a complete range of vision and eye health services for residents of Park Rapids, MN, and surrounding areas. Our professional team of optometrists, assistants, and staff is dedicated to improving your eye and vision health. We offer eye exams, emergency eye care, contact lenses, glaucoma testing, prescription eyeglasses, pediatric eye care, and more. Here is more information about our LASIK pre and post-care at Kueber Eye Care.


LASIK Pre-Care

At Kueber Eye Care, we can guide you on how to best prepare for your LASIK surgery, including what to expect during the LASIK procedure. If you have been scheduled to receive LASIK surgery, that means you have passed all the technical eligibility for LASIK surgery. Some of the common requirements of LASIK surgery include having stable eyesight that has not required a change in prescription in the last 12 months. The shape and health of the eye is also an essential factor, and you may be required to undergo some tests. You also need to have good overall health to be a candidate to receive LASIK surgery.

Our office will provide a thorough assessment of your eye health to ensure you are a good candidate for LASIK. You will be provided with pre-operative instructions. We will ask you not to use contact before your LASIK procedure. It is also recommended not to wear any eye makeup or apply lotion, creams, or perfume to the face before this procedure. Since your eyes will be too sensitive to function properly after the procedure, we recommend having someone drive you home.

LASIK Post-Care

For LASIK post-care, we will schedule a follow-up for a day after your surgery to check the health of your eyes. We will also provide pre-operative instructions for you to follow at home. These instructions include avoiding direct exposure to bright light, swimming, contact sports, and other activities. We might also recommend that you wear dark sunglasses for a few days after your surgery to allow your eyes to fully recover before being exposed to normal lighting conditions. In your follow-up visit, we will guide you on any further precautions that need to be taken.

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