Polarized Glasses

Many people choose to wear polarized glasses because they are so helpful. These glasses can protect the eyes and improve your vision in sunny conditions. If you are interested in polarized glasses, give us a call at our Park Rapids, MN, office to schedule your appointment with our optometrist. 

Polarized Glasses

Sunlight and Glare

When you are outside, it can be frustrating to have glare getting into your eyes. It can even blind you temporarily. Glare can make a lot of outdoor activities more difficult, and it can complicate driving. Glare happens when the sun is reflected off a smooth surface and shines directly into your eyes. On normal surfaces, light scatters and bounces around when it hits a surface. But when that surface is smooth, such as a car or a body of water, the light reflects at a single angle. Polarized sunglasses reduce the amount of glare that reaches your eyes to solve many of these problems. 

Polarized Glasses

When glasses are polarized, a chemical is applied to the lenses to filter out some of the light. The molecules of that chemical are lined up so that some light is blocked from getting through. With polarized glasses, there are vertical openings created for light to come in. If the light rays that come to the lenses are vertical, they can pass through. This means that the light waves that are horizontal that bounce off a smooth object won't reach your eyes. When you see through polarized glasses, you will see thinking a little darker, but they look more clear and crisp. It also makes it easier to see details. 

Using Polarized Glasses

When you're engaged in outdoor activities, there are many ways that polarized glasses can help. For those who go fishing, they reduce the glare that comes from the water. The same is true when boating and engaging in water sports. For golfers, it can reduce the glare on both the water and the fairway. And when balls go in the water, these glasses make it easier to find them. If you are in an environment that is snowy, you can reduce the glare coming off the snow. 

Get Your Polarized Glasses

If you need to see an optometrist for polarized glasses, give us a call at our Park Rapids, MN, office to make your appointment.