Blurry Vision

Blurry Vision

Blurry vision can come from a variety of different sources. Some are serious and others are not but it can be hard to tell the difference. If you are experiencing blurry vision, an optometrist on our optometry team at Kueber Eye Care in Park Rapids, MN, is here to help you. 

blurry vision

Blurry Vision Onset

Loss of vision clarity happens to many people in their mid-40s as well as for other reasons that are more acute. The most common situation is age-related eye conditions, eye overuse, eye strain, and more. Sudden blurry vision, especially if combined with a sudden feeling of a slight pop or snap in the head can be a serious issue and definitely needs immediate medical attention if combined with a sudden, spiking headache and problems speaking.

Some types of blurry vision develop over time. This type of condition can be from presbyopia, which is age-related farsightedness. The easiest corrective approach is the use of reading glasses or prescription eyeglasses. They allow full clarity, reduce eye strain considerably, and help alleviate side symptoms as well. Many people by age 50 use some kind of reading glasses or contacts.

Signs of Stroke or Serious Issue

Where blurry vision is sudden, combined with sharp eye pain or a blistering headache, and a person has sudden loss of facial and arm control, get medical help immediately. These combined are signs of a serious brain issue or stroke. Strokes can be tied to vision as the damage in the brain might affect the nerves running to the eye. Early intervention and response can help prevent serious complications from strokes. Delaying medical care for strokes can have serious consequences.

Get Eye Care from an Optometrist on Our Optometry Team for Blurry Vision

If you're suddenly realizing your eyesight isn't working right or words just keep getting fuzzy when reading, either up close or on the road, call us at Kueber Eye Care in Park Rapids, MN. Our optometrist team can apply an eye exam and confirm what's going on and how you can get back on track with your vision. Our eye care approach covers many types of conditions and risks, including age-related concerns. We're able to help patients restore their vision clarity as well as keep it healthy for as long as possible. Call us today at (218) 732-8535 for more information from an optometrist on our optometry team. We are here to help your eyes get and stay healthy.