Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetic Retinopathy Services from Our Optometrist in Park Rapids, MN

Diabetic retinopathy strikes both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics. This condition is the top cause of new vision loss in U.S. adults.  Our Kueber Eye Care optometrist stresses that all diabetics should be sure to have regular exams at our office in Park Rapids, MN, to reveal any vision changes.


Overview of Diabetic Retinopathy

For patients with diabetic retinopathy, destruction of the retina destroys vision while their diabetes advances.  Increased blood sugar levels cause leakage of blood, proteins, and other fluid from small blood vessels lining the retina.

Our optometrist explains that the body responds to this leakage by making even more leaky vessels.  As the fluid leaks, the retina swells and causes blurry vision.  The risk of developing retinopathy parallels the length of time the patient has had diabetes.

Unfortunately, in this condition’s early stages, few signs might be obvious.  Eventually, these symptoms typically arise:

  • Difficulty distinguishing colors
  • Blurred vision
  • Floaters or spots
  • Trouble seeing after dark
  • Holes or black spots in the field of vision

Unless treatment brings retinopathy under control, possible complications include blindness, vitreous hemorrhage, a detached retina, and glaucoma.

Methods of Treatment

A diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy occurs only after a comprehensive exam and evaluation of the individual’s health history by our eye doctor.  This assessment involves performing refractions, measuring internal eye pressure, evaluating visual acuity, and looking at structures of the eye.

Keeping blood sugar levels sufficiently regulated is extremely important for slowing the progression of retinopathy as well as retarding its development.  The severity of the disease at any point in time dictates the most appropriate treatment option for each patient.

For individuals in the early stages of retinopathy, the standard therapy is regular monitoring plus any changes in corrective eyewear.  Patients participate in their own care by taking any medications used for diabetes exactly as prescribed.

Medication to help the formation of new blood vessels is beneficial for some sufferers.  In some cases, laser surgery to stop leakage and destroy new vessels is appropriate.

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