Dry Eyes

Dry Eye

There are many potential causes and symptoms of dry eye. It can be an irritating and even painful condition, but many treatments can help. If you think you may have dry eye, you need to see an eye doctor. At Kueber Eye Care, we have been providing residents of Park Rapids, MN with reliable eye care services for many years including the diagnosis and treatment of dry eye.  


Symptoms of Dry Eye

Not everyone exhibits all symptoms of dry eye, but most sufferers will have a few. If you have dry eye, you may experience red eyes that feel dry and irritated. Your eyes may feel like they are burning or stinging, and you may have eye fatigue. Your eyes may have stringy mucus on or around them. You might have watery eyes as your eyes try to compensate for not having enough moisture. You may often feel like there is something in your eyes. You may also suffer from vision problems like poor night vision and seeing halos around bright lights. 

Causes of Dry Eye

Several medications, including many antihistamines and antidepressants, can cause dry eye. It can also be caused by major hormonal changes such as those that occur during pregnancy. Many environments can cause this problem as well. If you spend a lot of time in an overly air-conditioned area, you may suffer from dry eye. Being in a heated environment can cause it as well, as this dries out the air. Dry eye is more common in the winter, as winter air has less moisture in it. If you ride a bike, all of the wind in your face can dry out your eyes. It can also be caused by spending a lot of hours looking at a computer. This causes you to blink less often, allowing moisture to leave your eyes. 


Several eye drops can help with this condition. Our eye doctor will be able to tell you which ones are right for you. You can also use a humidifier to add moisture to the air inside your home. We will assess your condition to determine the treatment options that will work best for you.

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