Top 5 Causes of Dry Eye

Dry Eye

Top 5 Causes of Dry Eye

Dry eyes may not sound like a very serious eye condition, but when left untreated, dry eyes can affect your vision and eye health. At Kueber Eye Care, serving Park Rapids MN, and the surrounding areas, our optometrist can help you find solutions to this condition. Keep reading to learn about five common causes of dry eye.

Decreased Tear Production

One of the main reasons people experience dry eyes is because of decreased tear production. Our eye doctor will be able to evaluate your eyes to determine if you are experiencing decreased tear production. A treatment plan can be created for you to address this issue.


When there are allergens in your environment, it can cause irritation and watering. The increased amount of watering can harm your tear production long-term. It is important to have allergies diagnosed properly so that you can find relief.

Poorly Fitting Contacts 

Poorly fitting contacts can also contribute to dry eye. Contacts must fit properly to ensure that you have clear vision and the health of your eyes is protected. If you think your contacts are not fitting well, you should schedule an appointment with our eye doctor.


Some medications can cause dry eyes as a side effect. When you visit the eye doctor, be sure to discuss any medications you are currently taking. We will help you determine if any medication you are taking is responsible for your dry eye symptoms.


Your environment could contribute to your dry eyes as well. If your home is highly air-conditioned or heated, you are more likely to experience dry eye.

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